As though there were magnets embedded in our cell structures
I feel myself drawn to you
Like cat to mouse;
Yet it isn’t a typical predator-prey type of drama that plays out,
For when given a moment to breathe your scent,
My mind is bathed in pure wonder:
the just-right fit of your hands,
The silk of your kiss…
I could be content to be a foot from you at any given moment,
Secure in your leveling gaze.
How swiftly your eyes lock on my soul,
And how rapt is my mind when you speak,
Enchanted by the calming melody of your voice,
Ensnared by your fountain of thoughts,
Yet ever distracted by the sidebar conversation with myself as moments spy a man before me
Strong in himself,
Comfortable at the disposal of a world over which he has no control –
And I realize with a certain horror how far off my own continuum of control I have slipped,
Sliding laughingly and unthinking right into your arms,
With only my blush and your own distraction to conceal the ease with which I would lay myself into your hands every remaining moment of my days.
While I lose control of my mind with you,
It is with every meager remnant I fight to hold this face together,
Keep you at the edge of the light of “knowing,”
And force my moves back to the predator-prey dance
Never admitting how much to you I have fallen.


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