Get Naked

Let’s get naked together…
Help strip me of my ego and I’ll
disrobe the stress from your mind.
Give up article of timidity, illusion
And cast aside veils donned in shame about our truths.
Kiss each other’s spirits the way we
caress skin, run our hands through each
other’s ideas the way we play in hair,
hold each other’s dreams with the care
we lock our gaze…
Come, get naked, love.

Show me the ways you love yourself
and the things you don’t so that I
may learn to love them both.
Give to me your pride and I’ll turn
Over to you my hands
Fill them in dignity
Then take my flaws and embarrassments
Make them perfect as you’ve made your own
We’re only human, after all.
I’ll unlock my heart
Then forever cast off the key
And lock together
Leave it as open as your mind
And just as free to explore.


Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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